Pool Rules

Pool Rules

Rules and Regulations
Recreational Areas (Pool, Pool Deck, Spa, Library / Card Room, Grills and Clubhouse):
Please observe all Rules and Regulations.
Persons under 12 and under must be supervised at all times in the Recreational Areas by an adult with responsibility for that person (e.g., parent, grandparent or guardian).
Smoking is not allowed in the Recreational Areas.
Please limit cell phone use in the Recreational Areas.
Pool, Pool Deck and Spa:
The Pool and Spa hours are from Dawn to Dusk daily.
An adult must be present and attentive while a person under 12 is in the Pool.
Children not toilet trained must use “swim diapers” in the Pool.  The need to keep the Pool clean is obvious.
If a fecal accident occurs in the Pool, the parent, grandparent or guardian of the child having the accident will be responsible for all expenses incurred to comply with procedures required by the Lee County Health Department to return the Pool to operation.
No diving or jumping into the Pool or Spa, or running and horseplay in the Pool area. You and others may be injured. Throwing others, or leaping from shoulders, is risky and not allowed, nor is any act in the Pool which may injure either you or others.
Loud noises must be kept to a minimum. Boisterous conduct is not permitted in the Pool area at any time.
Persons with infections, open cuts and wounds, are not allowed to use the Pool or Spa.
Showers must be taken before Pool or Spa use to comply with Public Health Regulations.
Reasonable decorum should be used in Pool and Spa clothing, such as conventional swimsuits and trunks.
Pets, bicycles, wheeled toys and roller blades, are not allowed in the Recreational Area.
Inflatables, floating toys, and large objects, other than safe swim-aids or exercise aids are not allowed in the Pool.
Persons younger than 12 must be supervised in the Spa and are not permitted to operate the Spa controls. An adult must be within arms length of a child in the Spa.
The Recreational Area is for the use of owners, residents, their guests or lessees. Guests, friends, or relatives of owners, who live locally but not at Lakemont Cove, are not allowed to have unlimited “free access” to common area facilities such as, the Pool, Spa, Clubhouse and Library / Card Room. If possible, guests should be accompanied by the owner or resident.
No alcoholic beverages or food are to be consumed on the Pool Deck. Both of these items must be consumed in the Clubhouse or in the screened lanai areas only. Glass of any kind is not allowed in or near the Pool area for obvious safety reasons.
All table umbrellas are to be re-furled after use. All chairs are to be placed at the tables after use. Place all chaises to the rear edge of the Pool Deck after use.
All chairs and chaises must be covered with a towel during use. Please remove towels from the chairs, tables and chaises when leaving the Pool area. Chairs, tables and chaises are not to be removed from the Pool and Spa Area.
Areas in front of and adjacent to the Pool and Spa stairs must be kept clear. DO NOT place chairs, tables, chaises or equipment within 4 feet of the edge of the Pool or Spa. This may result in a citation from the Lee County Health Inspector and a $500 fine for the Association. Any fine incurred will be passed to the owner responsible including their family, guests or lessees.
Radios,stereos, etc. are not permitted unless used with a headset with the exception of community activities as approved by the Board of Directors.
All children are the sole responsibility of the parent, grandparent or guardian, and shall be closely supervised by an adult. Parents, grandparents or guardians will be held liable for misconduct, damages or violations of condominium rules.
The Pelican Landing Beach is an excellent location for exuberant and vigorous play. Please use this facility if you feel you are unable to comply with these Rules and Regulations.

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